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I'm craving cool ice cream melting over warm pie. I need to bake another one soon, while summer fruit is still in the markets. This one was from yesterday. Crust recipe here.

A little more than a week ago I made a list of things I want to change in my life, and among the items was this LiveJournal. Since I began my art blog, entries in this personal blog have trickled to a minimum, partly because so much of my life now revolves around art-making, partly just because it's hard to maintain more than one blog at once. But I don't want this journal to die. I've had it since I was a freshman in college; we've been through a lot together. There's still plenty I can write about that isn't directly related to art (and in fact I do write about it, privately, in my journal), so it's not like the blog has become irrelevant. Writing in two blogs takes time and effort, but I've decided I care enough to provide that. So I'm going to make a regular practice of writing in this blog in the mornings, while keeping up my art blog in the evenings. Pretty soon I'll have an impressive overshare chronicle of my life in two blogs. I'd better make some damn good art before I die, because just look at all the trouble I'm going through to help my future biographers! ;b
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