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Cultivating abundance -- instead of eating!

Last night I was writing to my Body Buddy, Sabrina, about recent struggles to eat healthily when I'm out all day. No, not healthily -- mindfully, which is slightly different, and much harder to do when I'm SHUT (stressed/hungry/unsure/tired, my take on the traditional HALT: hungry/angry/lonely/tired). I realized that I seek out food, and comfort foods in particular, when I'm in need of some nurturing. I guess food is just a very instinctive, instantly-gratifying way to feel good when we need a lift. But when this habit causes me to overeat, or to eat when I'm not hungry, then it's a problem.

In today's Morning Pages I probed this matter a bit further, making a list of non-gluttonous things I could do for myself when I want some nurturing. This is what I came up with:
  • scented bath with bath oil, and a book. (This is something I used to do constantly when I was a teenager.)

  • deep stretches, followed by savasana with blankets and a scented eye pillow

  • a foot massage w/lotion (or really any kind of massage)

  • winding down with Erik, candlelight, and massages

  • a tidy house, perhaps?

  • a walk in nature

  • meditative writing time

  • fragrant cut flowers

  • stretching to music

  • singing?

  • dancing?

  • being just-showered and wearing comfortable, "nice" clothes so I feel like I look nice

  • "special" fresh fruit (fruits I don't usually get, but love, like mangoes)

  • hot flavorful broth or soup

  • hot tea with a little sweetener

  • GOING TO BED WHEN I'M TIRED. Incredible how big a deal this is. In a COMFORTABLE bed, meaning pillows fluffed, blankets free of cat fur, etc.

What I discovered, in coming up with this list, is that these activities are all geared toward reawakening my sense of abundance. Kimber talked about this once in yoga, and it was a real revelation. Abundance isn't the same as having a lot; in fact, it's often easy to feel smothered or buried in all the things we have or all the projects we've accumulated. I know that when I get stressed, it's usually because I feel like I'm stretched too thin. I want more of something: time, money, relaxation. Abundance is a frame of mind, and these self-nurturing activities can all help me feel like I've got enough again... and more than enough. Even just making this list refreshes my feelings of abundance: look how many things I can do to care for myself, instead of just eating big plates of noodles! I'm looking forward to incorporating more of these ideas into my daily life.
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