February 20th, 2009


Moving is kicking our butts

I don't know why I thought moving this time would be easier than last time. What is it about moving that is so incredibly enervating? I'm not even doing that much -- lovely Erik is doing all the furniture-disassembling and car-loading -- but I feel like I have no energy at all. I sit around like a zombie when I'm not packing things, and when called upon to talk to strangers or reply to phone messages or whatever, my thoughts (if any) feel utterly scattered. I'm grubby and hungry and hot, and there is STUFF all over EVERYTHING, in spite of our several trips back to San Jose already and all our packing and packing. All my decluttering over the past few months has apparently been for naught. Why do I still have so many things?!*

I must remember for the new place:
1. Do not buy multiples of things when you really only need one. One hand lotion, one foot lotion, one body lotion. One set of soft art pencils and one set of hard. One fabulous vintage winter coat. (Ha. Now we're getting unrealistic!)
2. Do not buy excess of things for which you only need multiples. You do not need four very similar jersey hoodies, even if you do enjoy choosing which one to wear every morning. You would not need three sets of measuring spoons if you would just wash them each time you used them. You do not need two dozen bleeping tealights.
3. Do not long for things that don't fit into your lifestyle. You could really get rid of all your high heels except two pairs (one light and one dark) to wear with fancy short dresses.
4. Do not accumulate books that you will not reread or use for reference.
5. If you use it less than twice a year, consider getting rid of it and finding another way to fill the need.
6. If you have it, USE it. Now, not "someday when I have more time/space/energy." Otherwise get rid of it, and savor the regret (if it comes) as a meditation exercise!!
7. If you're thinking of getting rid of it, do it immediately.

We're planning to be out of here by early next week, but my head spins every time I try to visualize that end point. We still have to pack up so many things, give away what's left, clean everything, and run so many errands. Sigh.

*Universal cry of the person-packing-to-move.