April 6th, 2003


Scary stuff!

Okay, this is the single most alarming advertisement I've seen in a while. In my May issue of Glamour, there's a little pull-out booklet advertising Clearasil's Total Control skin care line. There are eight pages full of text like this:

Love the skin you're in? Why? It doesn't love you.
What has your skin ever done for you? Dry patches? Blotchy complexion? Stay out in the sun too long and your skin might even try to kill you. Skin is in a bad mood, and she's taking it out on you. Skin doesn't need love; she needs discipline... It's not love. It's tough-love. It's time to take control.


Skin: Soft, Delicate, Evil
For all the love you show your skin, you'd think it would love you back. But no. 'I will return your love -- with sebum! Boo-hoo-ha-ha!' Love isn't giving you a blemish on Valentine's Day. Love isn't making your forehead look like a relief map of the Swiss Alps. Skin can be mean. Vindictive. Blotchy. Let's get serious, girls... Show your skin who's boss -- in just two weeks. It's time to take control.

Seems certain political leaders' hard-line message is affecting influential individuals in all walks of life. I can't believe what this ad is saying. Be the boss of your skin? Good grief. What am I supposed to do, strap it into a straitjacket and gloat? Poke it until it plays nice? Yeah, I'll really feel a lot better after that.

For the official record, I love my skin, even with breakouts. I love it when it's dry and when it's oily. I'm convinced that I'm beautiful, and if you think I'm silly or conceited, I have friends and family who back me up. And I think this ad is completely stupid.
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