February 2nd, 2002


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i just had a wonderful evening with erik, ying and cathy and cathy's friend sophie, who is from new zealand! more tomorrow, since i have to go to sleep, but sophie's accent is really really fun. :)

new zealand continued

so last night i met cathy's friend, sophie, who is from new zealand. her accent is totally fascinating! i always thought people from new zealand would have accents like australian people, but sophie doesn't sound like anybody else i've ever heard. she says 'yes' like 'yis' for example. she's incredibly nice so i hope she spends more friday evenings with us! and unicorn (see last friday's entry) was delicious, of course.

learning a little bit about new zealand from sophie reminded me how little we all really know about the world. i didn't know anything about new zealand, and i had even forgotten that it has two islands and not just one. i really should try to learn more about the world!
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