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  | April 11th, 2001 | more recent entries >
lisa bug [userpic]

boa noite!

April 11th, 2001 (09:41 pm)

well, i have a new web entity! let's see how this goes, no?

lisa bug [userpic]

i think this is it.

April 11th, 2001 (10:18 pm)

current mood: good
current music: Jacqueline Du Pr playing Elgar's Cello Concerto

i've been wanting to start a web journal for a while now but i've never found a service that i liked. i think this one is okay, so hopefully i'll be sticking with this.

great, now that i've set this up i'm too tired to write anything.

i would be very interested in hearing from you though! let me know what you think of this journal (i.e., yay! now i can participate in mild internet voyeurism!; why would i want to hear about you ?; etc.)! and i will be very happy if you download the music i'm listening to and tell me what you think of it. :)

lisa bug [userpic]

i'm back again.

April 11th, 2001 (10:23 pm)
current music: Unknown Artist - III. Adagio

i'm trying some stuff with the formatting. bear with me because i don't know anything and i'm too lazy to learn! :)

lisa bug [userpic]


April 11th, 2001 (10:25 pm)

current mood: annoyed
current music: Jacqueline Du Pr and the third movement of the Elgar - Adagio

sorry, now you know i don't know anything :)

lisa bug [userpic]

(no subject)

April 11th, 2001 (10:49 pm)

current mood: sad
current music: Hilary and Jackie - "The Farmhouse"

goodbye tiger :(

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goodbye tiger :( <cindy's kitty>

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